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Boshra Hotel ( Bushra Hotel ) located in Mashhad , in front of Bab Al-Jawad Holy Shrine, at the beginning of Sarshur ( Sarshoor ) Alley is . The location is very close to the Holy Shrine and the Price is Very Reasonable Compared to Other Well-Known Brands, as Well as the High Quality of the Food of Boshari Hotel ( Bushra Hotel ) is one of the Main Advantages of Boshari Hotel Group. We are waiting for you in Mashhad.

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Comments of Hotel Guests

سرکار خانم مژگان مجیری
Mrs. Mozhgan Mojiri
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Hello, we were guests of Boshra Hotel with our family, everything was great.
جناب آقای عموزاد
Mr. Amozad
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I was a guest of the hotel in 2018 , it was great and I had good memories, the proximity to the shrine, the proper treatment of the staff, the cleanliness, especially the restaurant facing the shrine, was very excellent.
سرکار خانم مرجان شفیعی
Mrs. Marjan Shafii
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Proximity to the shrine - respectful reception and housekeeping - good quality of food - respect for hygiene and cleanliness - having a safe environment for my children I was satisfied and have used this hotel 6 times so far
جناب آقای همایون یاوریان
Mr. Homayun Yavarian
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Bushra Hotel was a great option for me due to its proximity to the shrine and the markets of Mashhad, such as Reza Bazaar.
سرکار خانم زینب خواجه پور
Mrs. Zainab Khajapour
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The food quality of Beshari Hotel was much better than the hotels I had visited before in Mashhad. Really, one of the strong points that makes me come to Beshari Hotel again is the quality of the food.
جناب آقای طاهر عرفانیان
Mr. Taher Irfanian
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The price of Bushra Hotel was very interesting to me compared to the facilities of the hotel. If I come to Mashhad again, I will choose Bushra Hotel.
جناب آقای محمدرضا معروفی
Mr. Mohammadreza Maroufi
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Greetings, while praising and thanking the hardworking staff of Bushra Hotel in terms of rooms and food, it was very good and tidy... Thanks to the experienced staff of Bushra Hotel... Compared to hotels in Mashhad, in terms of proximity to the shrine and the quality of their food, it is really excellent. ....
سرکار خانم نسرین نصیری
Mrs. Nasreen Nasiri
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Hello, we were your guests last year. The respectful behavior of the staff and the observance of hygiene and the quality of your food were excellent, so that I introduced it to several acquaintances and they were really satisfied...
جناب آقای کریمی
Mr. Karimi
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Excellent and twenty in terms of food and cleanliness

Message to Boshra Hotel

Boshra Hotel Address: Iran , Mashhad, Khosravino St , in front of Bab Al-Jawad Holy Shrine , at the beginning of Sarshor Alley, Boshra Hotel

Contact Number : 32251800 51 98+

Fax : 32215948 51 98+

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